Six Design Ideas to Make the Most of Your Small Bathroom

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You don’t have to give up on your dreams of rejuvenating yourself in a luxurious bathroom if yours is much smaller than the one in your dreams! With the price of real estate what it is, often the first room to have its corners cut is the bathroom. On the other hand, after a hard day at work, what could be more relaxing than a soak in a tub or a shower in a pleasant bathroom? So here are six design ideas to make the most of your small bathroom so that you come out smiling every time!

  1. Trim away the visual heaviness from the room:

Any room would look cramped and dingy if it is crammed with unnecessary elements. Conversely, remove some of these elements and you get the same room looking brighter and larger! Some of these visual elements could be the furniture to the color on the walls and cabinets. Going for lighter shades of paint on the walls as well as the color of the shelves and cabinets will make your bathroom instantly more appealing. Even the tiles in a lighter shade with maybe a contrasting tile in a darker shade will look great. A low-cost design idea like shower curtains and mats in lighter shades will also go a long way to brightening up your bathroom.

  1. Mirrors:

This is a very popular design idea to make any room appear instantly larger. Of course, a mirror is a given in a bathroom, so why not make yours larger? Adding a window directly opposite to a window in the bathroom will take this visual hallucination up a notch.

  1. Shelving:

Removing shelves or cabinets on the wall and having them below the sink can also make the room appear larger. If you have empty space under your sink, you can also buy baskets to get things better organized and save space too. If possible, have recessed shelves in the wall itself in order to store more of your stuff without having the shelves jut out of the wall itself. If you cannot remove the existing shelves or cabinets, try to combine open shelving with some closed doors, which will give an illusion of spaciousness.

  1. White, white, white:

White is always a color that opens up a space and instantly brings in a bright flush of life into it. White cabinets, white tiles, white countertops, white tiles, white shower curtains or a transparent shower glass door, will no doubt bring an illusion of expansiveness into the most cramped up bathroom. This also instantly amplifies any natural light that streams into the bathroom through any windows.

  1. Lighting:

A simple element like lighting can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your bathroom. Invest in light fixtures that are less heavy on the eye as well as brighter lighting. Wall sconces or recessed lighting with adjustable brightness can also be considered.

  1. Wall mounted sinks and faucets:

When every inch of space is a luxury, why buy sinks that take up all the space? Having a wall mounted sink could free up lots of space even underneath for your storage needs.




10 Inside Tips from a Small Baths Designer

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It may seem that having a small bathroom would limit the choices when it comes to remodeling. However, there is a great deal that can be done in bathroom renovation even if you have a limited amount of room. As the old saying goes, “It is what you have that really matters”, so what follows are 10 simple tips from a designer that specializes in making the most out of small bathroom remodeling.

Keep it Smooth: You’ll want to avoid having anything in the bathroom with texture, especially when it is heavily used. Texture in the tiles or wall offers a place for mildew and mold to take hold, so avoid using tile with indentations or carved vessel sinks that offer places for these elements to grow.

Single Handle Fixtures: In a modern bathroom renovation, single handle fixtures can save you space and money. This is because you only have to drill one hole for hot and cold water and not two which requires more effort and space.

Use Opaque Windows: Having a large, long opaque window means not having to use the light as often while still providing the proper amount of privacy. Be sure that any condensation has a place to drain away without creating any maintenance, mold or mildew issues.

Wall Mounted Faucets: Here, you can reduce the depth of your vanity by having a wall mounted faucet instead. While it may save only a few inches, that can make all the difference in a small bathroom.

Say No to a Pedestal Sink: A pedestal sink is a very popular type that looks great, but offers no room to set anything on or next to them. So, stick to a traditional bathroom sink instead.

Avoid Wall Mounted Vanities: While they appear to save space, all they really do is create unused space between the floor and the vanity. You are better off avoiding them and sticking to a standard vanity.

Avoid No-Enclosure Showers: While it may seem to add to the space inside the bathroom, they are difficult to properly waterproof and may cause more harm than good if not properly installed.

Space Saving Wall Mounted Bidets & Toilets: These are popular bathroom remodeling items because they can save a considerable amount of space. However, you will need the interior wall space in order for this to be accomplished. If you live in a condo for example, this type of bathroom renovation might not be possible.

Leave Space between the Faucet and Handles: You’ll need that space to clean that particular area. Remember, your bathroom faucets and fixtures must still function properly and be practical. This means that if you are using a vessel sink, be sure it is large enough for your needs, but not too high otherwise it might be too impractical.

Glass Walls: One of the most interesting bathroom remodeling ideas is to put glass walls between the bathroom and bedroom to create the illusion of more space. If that is a bit too uncomfortable, you can always try putting the bathroom fixture just inside the bedroom instead if you have more room.

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Five Common Bathroom Mistakes to Avoid

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When it comes to your bathroom remodeling effort, it can be pretty easy to plan to the point where you may overlook the obvious. In fact, it has happened quite a few times that a bathroom renovation is completed when suddenly it is realized that a major mistake has been made in terms of what was included or more importantly what was left out.

When planning your renovation efforts for the bathroom, keep these five things in mind so that you do not wind up making a big mistake that will cost you more money to correct.

Bigger is Not Always Better: While you always want to maximize space in your bathroom that does not means you should always get the biggest thing that will fit inside. You will want to instead think about the overall design of your bathroom and how everything looks together will help you create a more pleasing overall appearance.

Tuck the Bathroom Away: A mistake that happens more often that it should is having the line of site from a very public room such as the dining or living room going straight into the bathroom. There is something rather off-putting about sitting down to dinner and having a clear view of the toilet in the bathroom with the door open. So, you will want to at least tuck the bathroom away where it is still convenient, but not out in the public view so that everyone can see it at the most inopportune time.

Hide the Toilet: As you tuck the bathroom out of sight, although it still should be close and accessible, the first thing you should not see when entering the bathroom is the toilet. Instead, try to put the shower and toilet together and out of view so that the sink and mirror is the first thing that catches your eye.

Lack of View: While privacy is always a concern, not having a view can create a really down and even depressing bathroom. Furthermore, you will want to have some sunshine coming in to liven up the bathroom and at the very least offer some good circulation of air on the warm, comfortable days. A window is a must, but if you cannot have one for whatever reason, try at least for a skylight to let in the sunshine and fresh are.

The Curbed Shower: Having a shower with no curbs will help make the bathroom feel bigger and even look cleaner as well. In addition, such a design works very well for those who have a little trouble walking or balancing. Plus, it is easy to accomplish in a proper bathroom renovation. So, when in doubt go with a non-curbed shower to add a little more space and feel to your bathroom design.

Overall, your bathroom renovation should try very hard to avoid the mistakes that are mentioned in this article. By focusing on creating the best design in a place that is not easily viewed from the living areas of the home, you will manage to avoid making some serious mistakes.



How to Design Small Baths to Feel Roomier

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The only real difference between a small bathroom and a large one is the space. Yet the small bathroom must contain at least the basic elements that provide it with its function. When doing bathroom remodeling of such a small space, you will need to keep in mind the size, but also how you are going to fit what you need in that space.

However, there are some basics to keep in mind before you start your bathroom renovation beginning with the minimum requirements for the space.

  • Powder Room: 16 sq. ft. Minimum
  • Bathroom: 36 sq. ft. Minimum

Building codes for most cities require a minimum of 32” x 32” for a shower and the finished room must be at least 5’ wide, long or deep in at least one direction. Now that you know what you have to work with, the next step is how to make the most of the space that you have.

Make the Most of Your Space

There are a number of ways to make the space you have look bigger without having to spend a fortune on your bathroom renovation.

  • Pocket Doors
  • Large Mirror
  • Clear Glass Shower Doors
  • Light Colored Finish Materials

Above the vanity, be sure to install an 8” deep bath cabinet about 36” to 43” off the floor. Be sure to choose a vanity with plenty bins or drawers to keep your stuff. Do not use pedestal sinks as they will not allow for any storage.

Stick to a Budget

Your bathroom remodeling project can really get out of hand unless you set a tight budget first. That way, you will not get distracted by items that you do not need for your bathroom. For a typical bathroom renovation, the average cost is roughly $9,000. However, you can really cut that down if you do the work yourself and get the materials at your local home center.

Consider that while a deluxe whirlpool tub may cost around $5,000, a white cast-iron tub of roughly the same size will cost about $500 and will be much easier to install. If you stick to the basics, you can find a number of excellent items for your bathroom that are well priced and will keep more money in your pocket. If you go with a professional company, it is usually the labor costs that will get you even in a small remodeling effort.

Keep in mind however that you will need certain items, including the following;

  • Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters
  • Low-Flow Toilet
  • Good Ventilation
  • Proper Lighting
  • Grab Bar in the Shower

By keeping these items in mind, you can do the best bathroom renovation possible even if you have a small space. The old saying, “measure twice, cut once” applies here with your small bathroom It is important to do the research first and then get the best price. In order to save even more money, you’ll probably have to do the work yourself in order to improve your small bathroom.


Remodeling Tips for Your Master Bath

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When it comes to bathroom remodeling, particularly the master bath, you will need to focus your efforts on creating the right appearance that suits your style while staying within a reasonable budget. Fortunately, you can incorporate the luxury style without having to spend a great deal of money.

The right bathroom renovation for the master bath should exude your personal style. However, if you are having trouble finding what it should be, there are a number of books, eBooks and other publications that can demonstrate to you the designers who fashion bathrooms that are elegant all for a reasonable budget.

How to Start Your Master Bathroom Remodeling

Once you understand what you want, the next step is getting the materials needed so that you can get to work. With a master bath, you’ll want to get the best materials that fit your budget and splurge on areas such as granite countertops which are not only stylish, but long lasting as well.

The floor plan for your bathroom is the vital component in making sure that you get what you want. There are a number of areas that your bathroom will include, so be sure that you plan appropriately.

Universal Approach: A master bath suitable for all ages seems to be one of the trends which include large shower doors, wider doorways and more room in general. Even grab bars seem to be coming back into fashion as well.

Sink: Interestingly enough, many people today are going for two sinks when it comes to their bathroom renovation, but the real issue is having more mirror and counter space. Two sinks actually creates more issues than it solves while having a larger mirror and more counter space meets the needs of most people.

Shower: The shower seems to be pulling ahead of the bathtub which has faded in recent years. Custom showers are all the rage as you can choose from overhead, wall-mounted or even hand-held if you so desire. Showers also take up less space which makes them good choices as well.

The Personal Touch

In addition to the main elements of the master bathroom, there are touches of elegance and luxury that are expected as well. Here are some elements that will add that touch of class to your bathroom;

  • Chandelier over the Tub
  • Built-In Warming Dryers for Towels
  • Massage Table
  • Nearby Washer and Dryer
  • Television & Sound Systems

Today, there are special mirror model flat screen televisions that will only appear when turned on. Thanks to new technology, you can add many different things to your bathroom and incorporate them all so that they can add to your sense of style as well as provide something practical to your bathroom.

However, there is also the approach of making the master bath a quiet, restful place that provides an escape for the day. A little bit of added luxury to your master bathroom remodeling effort can add plenty to the elegance and style of this special room. Bottom of Form

Planning ahead for a kitchen or a bathroom remodeling project

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Remodeling your house is a very complex process that does not require just a lot of time and money, but also a lot of patience. Once you start this process, you will be overwhelmed by everything. Regardless if you are starting with the kitchen remodeling or with the bathroom remodeling, you will need to start planning ahead in time. In this way you will know all the necessary steps that have to be taken, and thus, you won’t panic when something is not going right. If you are interested about this subject you should read the following lines. In this way you will know for sure how to plan everything. You should keep in mind that the following information is valid for both kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling.

  • Find professional contractors

One of the most important steps is to find some professional contractors who can help you with anything you need. This means that you will have to start looking for them right from the beginning. You should keep in mind that it is not easy to find professional contractors who are the best at their job, and thus, you should take time and dedication for this step. You can ask your friends, you can search for online reviews, or you can visit their webpages. Regardless of how you find them, you should have a face to face meeting with them before taking any decision. In this way you will be able to see how dedicated they truly are.

  • Make a list with everything you need

The following step is to make a list with everything you need. You should also ask the advice of the professional contractors. After all, they have a lot of experience with all this. However, there are some decisions that are taken by you, such as the model of the kitchen counterparts or the color of the cabinet. Once you have the list, you can start the following step.

  • Calculate the costs

Once you have a list with everything you need, you can start the painful process of calculating the costs. In this way you will be able to know the exact budget you are going to need in order to remodel everything. This cost varies from case to case, and thus, it’s not useful for you to ask your friends about their costs.

  • Think about a style

Another thing you should think about is to choose a style that fits with the rest of your house. In this way you’ll know what to buy.

  • Ask friends for help

It’s also very important to know that you have the help of your friends. This is the reason why you should ask them in time about their help.

  • Choose what to keep and what to give away

Once you have everything figured out, the next step is to make a list with everything you want to keep and with everything you want to give away.


Top 5 Trends in Bathroom Remodeling

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Bathroom renovations or remodeling always seems to lead in one way or another every year. What was in and hot last years are no longer the standard this year and perhaps isn’t the following year, either. While trend and style do come and go, money is spent every year and as homeowners it it really pays to keep these styles. You can utilize them to assist build a bigger return on your investment of home through updating and restoring your bathroom. This is how you could keep your bathroom looking exceptional, while also keeping up the value of your home. The top 5 trend in bathroom remodeling have been projected to be small project which are more needed in nature instead of working on huge scale renovations.

Ensure It Is a Bathroom

The first style bathroom designers are seeing is that homeowners need their lavatory to look, less like a toilet. They search for styles which reflect the designs of their home, and are opting for factors which are not usually seen in this area.  Like for instance, homeowners add end tables and chairs as well as foot stools to make a relaxing setting.


A lot of people choose tile flooring in the bathroom, because of the fact that it is a water friendly choice. But, a current style had moved away from typical tile flooring and transferred into cement tiles. Cement tiles are patterned and could look virtually like a rug it depends on the pattern you want. They are water-friendly and handmade, providing the space an exceptional, special as well as unique feeling.

Vintage Style

A lot of people often decide on a vintage style for their kitchen. But this kitchen style is now occurring in the bathroom. With subway tiles, claw foot bathtubs as well as wooden flooring, the vintage flooring are becoming common all over the world. You could combine a classic sink cabinet with gold hardware for your cabinets.

Shower Walls with no frames

There are lots of various kinds of shower doors available. But, a lot of people are deciding on frameless shower doors and walls. These exceptionally made walls let you have an open feeling in the toilet with no metal framework of typical shower doors.

Wood and White

Another current design is the style combination of the natural appearance of wood and color white. A lot of people are deciding on simple styles utilizing these 2 elements. A white wall, sink or shower when paired with wooden shelving, flooring as well as backsplash at the rear the sinks produces a natural feeling area which could be relaxing for a lot, particularly those who love cleanliness and outdoors.

These top 5 trends in bathroom remodeling could be in for a very long time. A lot of designers usually do not suggest opting for a fashionable style theme or element because trends tend to fade or wear off fast that puts your toilet old fashioned rather than later. But these latest trends have the capability to last for a very long time because they are sleek, simple as well as ideal for any style.


6 Interesting Bathroom Remodeling Tips

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If you are looking for a way to refresh the look of your home and to add some value at the same time, then bathroom remodeling is surely one of the most cost affordable ways to do that. In addition, you will get a chance to improve the quality of your life.

Bathroom remodeling is one of the most demanding construction tasks and that’s why there are many people who are not sure whether they should get involved in such activity or not. However, with a good plan, this task will go smoothly and you will beautify your home without many hassles. The following is a shortlist of tips that will help you with your efforts to remodel your bathroom.

  1. Setting a deadline

It is crucial to determine how much time you will need for this project to be finished. There are many people who don’t have a second bathroom, so it can be really difficult to keep functioning normally without a bathroom. You need to come up with a plan that will help you finish the remodeling as fast as possible and a back-up plan for the days when you won’t be able to use the bathroom.

  1. Making a list of things that will be changed

It is easy to get carried away when it comes to bathroom remodeling. Many people start with changing tiles, but after that they want to change the cabinets, hardware etc. It is good to have a plan about what exactly you are changing because without a plan you won’t be able to determine eh deadline and your budget. It will also be much easier to finish the remodeling because you will have the measurements for all the things that need to be changed.

  1. Getting ideas

If you need bathroom remodeling ideas you can always use the Internet. The Internet is the ultimate source for any type of information including remodeling. You can use some social media like Pinterest boards or Facebook groups to look for ideas. There are also some specialized forums and discussion boards where people share their ideas.

  1. Creating a budget

Once you have all these things sorted out, you can create a budget. Remember that even if your plan is detailed there will always be some things that will come up unexpected so prepare your budget for situations like this too.

  1. Finding help

You may have some experience with construction, but no one can complete bathroom remodeling on their own. So, consider the areas where you may need help. Do you need lighting experts? Do you need plumbers or someone to take care of the installations? You can ask your friends or colleagues if they know some professionals that work in this industry or use the internet to do some research.

  1. Enjoy this task

Don’t forget that no matter how difficult this activity is, you will enjoy in a refreshed bathroom soon. So, enjoy this process and don’t be stressed.

We hope that these tips will encourage you to start a bathroom remodeling!


Bathroom Vanity Styles

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Many people pay special attention when it comes to remodeling and decoration of bathrooms. Bathrooms are getting really important in modern times because they are the perfect room where people can get relaxed after a stressful day. Since this part of the home is usually not very big it is crucial to find a way to make it functional and practical, but it also must be designed in a beautiful way. There is no doubt that bathroom remodeling can be very expensive, so people who are looking for a way to refresh the appearance of their bathroom without investing much should consider replacing their bathroom vanity. So, what exactly is a bathroom vanity?

This is a piece of furniture used in the bathroom. It can be used for more than one thing. In the past, the bathroom vanity was usually used to house the sink and all the installations (primarily plumbing) that are related to sink. If the bathroom vanity is designed in a good way all these things are nicely covered. But modern, bathroom vanities also serve as cabinets. This is the place where we store our soaps, toothpastes, shower gels and all the products that we don’t want to be left outside in the bathroom and make it look messy. Another purpose of bathroom vanities is to serve as a basis for mirrors, although many experts believe that the mirror is not part of the bathroom vanity.

Over the years, designers have created different bathroom vanity styles and it is up to the owner’s preferences, the dimensions of the bathroom and the owner’s budget to decide which style they will choose. The following is a list of some of the popular bathroom vanity styles that are usually used in bathroom remodeling.

  1. To start with, classic bathroom vanities are still very popular among homeowners from all generations. They are most often made of wood and the overall design has its basis in some classical bathroom elements. This style can be divided into two groups – the one that uses many ornaments and decorations and the one that keeps things simple. Depending on the materials used in the manufacturing process they can be very expensive, but they can also be affordable.
  2. Those who are interested in modern design should know that bathroom vanities in this style come in different sizes and shapes. There are also many different materials used in their production. Depending on the owner’s preference these vanities can emphasize elegance or they can be simply fun.

The majority of bathroom vanities are single basin, but double basins or even multiple basins are popular too. Of course the multiple basins are almost exclusively used in commercial purposes while the double basin or vanities with two sinks are used in master bedrooms. As previously mentioned, many different materials are used in modern bathroom vanities and some of these materials include: wood, glass, ceramic, marble, copper and even some synthetic materials too.

Before you make your final choice make sure to consult some expert.


Bathroom Fixtures

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When one considers going showy and of extravagance, very limited things are available where it can be manifested. Having an extraordinary and elegant bathroom fixture is one of them. When designing a bathroom with an objective of giving off the glamour and opulence while coddling the senses of its owner, high quality and luxurious bathroom fixtures are always an element of awe and surprise in today’s time. Having a bathroom that is designed for our senses and personal tastes feels wonderful. Sleek and minimalism that is a part of the traditional style, all decked up with marble topped guards or wood carved, classic get up, everything can be put together in a remarkable manner with myriad postmodern designs.

There was a time when very plain fixtures were used in the bathroom. They were designed to function well, rather than look attractive or trendy. Today, times have changed a lot and people choose a wide range of bathroom fixtures like shower heads or bathroom faucets while keeping practicality as well as fashion sense in the mind. You can now easily update the functionality and looks aspect of your bathroom by using modern and uber cool bathroom fixtures and this can be done without any excessive burden on your remodelling budget.

The Sink Area

If your sink area needs immediate attention and you need to replace your outdated faucet, you can look into several options in faucets that are available these days. Little changes here and there can bring about a remarkable difference. You can completely transform the sink area and replace old fixtures with new, modern ones. You can seek help from an experienced bathroom designer who can guide you about the fixtures available these days. You can go for stainless steel or sleek, chrome made faucets that offers a contemporary look. These days, endless options are available in faucets that can be chosen on the basis of their styles, finishes and spout options.

The Shower Area

Shower area is the most important area in a bathroom and need a major uplift when going for a bathroom remodelling project. When looking for suitable options, you need to consider your choices in shower fixtures. Some people love to go for a shower head that is mounted on a wall while some prefer a hand held option. These days, a style that is capturing the fancy of the home owners is a rain shower head option. This is an environment friendly option as it helps in conserving water. The modern shower fixtures have been successfully transformed the overall look of a bathroom with its sleek designs and smooth finishes. People can enjoy spa like experience without stepping out of their homes.

The Tub Area

When going for bathroom remodelling, you can also plan to have a bathtub installed in the bathroom. Depending on the layout of your bathroom, you can pick up the size and style of the tub and a perfect combination of faucet and shower. There are many bathroom remodelling service providers who can customize your choices in fixtures as per your choice and budget.