15.01.2016 usaexpo Bathroom

One of the most frequently used portions of your home is always going to be your bathroom. Irrespective of the age and gender of your family members, everyone will spend some amount of time in the bathroom daily. This makes a bathroom the busiest corner of your room. So what if the size of your bathroom is not equivalent to a king sized bathroom? Certain designing ideas can help you open up the small bathroom and help it look bigger and brighter.


It is a well known fact that darker colours make surroundings appear smaller while softer colours has the opposite impact on the surroundings. In order to create a perception of large size, it is recommended that you use softer colours with neutral touch. If you feel that they may make your bathroom dull think again. It is the neutral colours that not only make your bathroom look bigger but also makes it more classy and elegant. You may add the extra spark to your bathroom but accessorizing it with products that come in brighter shades.


Another aspect that needs to be taken care of here is lightening. In order to make your small bathroom appear bigger, choice of lights is very crucial. You need to ensure that the lights that you use do not occupy a lot of space themselves otherwise the lights will make the room look really small. Small and recessed lights are better options if you want to make your room more spacious. Further you may also put big windows in place. The windows will not only allow a lot of natural light in but will also make the bathroom look bigger.


No bathroom is complete without a mirror. However, it is a lesser known fact that a mirror can contribute to the size of the bathroom as well. When put in a right combination with lights and background colour, mirrors help in making the bathroom look more spacious. So if you want to make your bathroom appear huge, go for as big mirror as can be fit in your bathroom. It is advisable to use separate mirrors than mirrors on a medicine cabinet. Medicine cabinets occupy more space hence contribute in making the bathroom more congested.


Another thing without which a bathroom is incomplete is a sink or a washbasin. Even though there are numerous ideas that are available as far as a sink goes, sink size contributes hugely to the spaciousness of your bathroom. Since we are talking about a smaller bathroom here, it may be advisable to use a small sink which occupies lesser space. A lot of space can be saved if you use a sink that is mounted on the wall instead of being stand alone.


Even with a smaller bathroom, managing the storage space is of great importance. It is important to have shelves that are cut out in the walls instead of placing a dresser inside a small bathroom. This will help you manage you stuff better and will make the bathroom look bigger; both at the same time.