10 Steps of an Orderly Kitchen

15.01.2016 usaexpo Kitchen

The kitchen is an area in a house that is always used. Do you find it difficult to prepare and cook foods in your kitchen? A kitchen must always be organized in order to master and to be fully used. Below are 10 examples on how create an orderly kitchen.

  1. Cabinets that are Empty

Collect all items in every cabinet. Get rid of the things that are not used frequently, items that are duplicated, items that are broken or things you forgot you have. Then separate the things you loved to use in preparing meals.

  1. Like Items are Group

After the cabinets have been cleared, create a distinct group in organizing the items that you have chosen.  Arrange all cooking items and organized them together.  Then group the tableware accordingly in their distinct function and its seasonal uses.

  1. Organizing the Cabinet

After forming a group for each item, organize the items on where to be stored. All items in cooking, baking and also utensils must always be close to where food preparations are. Glassware’s are advisable to be near at refrigerator or sink. In this way you can minimize your action in preparing meals.

  1. Storing Items in a Clear Container

The use of clear container is advisable to easily identify the stored items. Group the things which are in powder and condiments in order to avoid spill in the cabinet.

  1. Storing Items in a Containers with Lid

Throw away the container which have no lids, and accumulate the plastic containers which have lids. Then group the container in a clear plastic box to keep them organized and easily distinguish. You can also store the containers on the side of the cabinet on a wire frame.

  1. Creating and Using a Vertical Space

Underneath the cabinet, put a hook in order for the mugs to hold right above the kitchen countertop. Then hang the stemware frame in the same area for the wine glasses. By the used on this, the cabinet will not be packed. Use walls space or ceiling frame to hang the pans and pots. Always remember that any items you hang keep, create a free space inside the cabinet.

  1. The Lazy Susan Method

By the use of rotating tray, it can be used as to hold condiments like vinegar and oil. Lazy Susan’s method can be a great help to the refrigerator. You can easily identify the back of the refrigerator either it’s already spoil or not.

  1. The Use of Dividers in Kitchen Drawers.

With the use of drawer dividers you can save time and effort when cooking or throwing away junk. A divider installed in kitchen drawers allows you have areas for each items and to help you find easily the things you need.

  1. The Used of Sort Papers

Sort paper is a method used to organize takeout menus, coupon, pen and a notepad or any other sheet of papers that is hanging on the side of the refrigerator that tends to accumulate on the countertops.

  1. The Cleaning of Refrigerator

Always remember to put the trash bags close to the trash can. Put a loose bag underneath the trash can, in that way you can save time. And always clean your refrigerator once a week for trash inspection.