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Kitchen Appliances And Fixtures

23.10.2014 usaexpo Kitchen

Your kitchen may serve as the heart of your home and may be the place that uses the most energy because of this. The kitchen is typically the one place that you can easily gather all family member and where many house guest tend to hang about. Not only does your kitchen use up a lot of energy because of the large appliances that a fixed there but the smaller appliance also add a great deal to your monthly bills. From refrigerators, dishwashers to coffee pots and lights your kitchen most likely accounts for close to have of the energy used in your home. When you are considering upgrading some of the appliances there are a number of things you should consider and one of these is how much energy the appliance is going to use up.

Kitchen Appliance:

Refrigerators- A poor functioning refrigerator can easily be adding to your home’s energy waste. If you your fridge is freezing items that it should be keeping cool, makes a lot of noise or is too big or too small to meet your family needs than you will want to consider replacing it. The main things you want to look for in a refrigerator is that it is an energy saver. There are a number of specially design refrigerators that use up less energy and can be much better suited for you food storage needs. The design of your refrigerator can have: side by side doors, ice or water dispensers, freezer positioned at the bottom of the unit and various shelving fixtures. Refrigerators can come with a number of accessories and functions that can better help you save on energy these include: leg levels to ensure doors can shut on their own and not pop back open, temperature control for specific areas in the fridge, water filters, light for both the fridge and freezer.

Ovens, Ranges and Stove Tops-

Taking a good amount of time to decide just what kind of cooking platform you want to install in your kitchen is essential to ensure your wants and needs are met. When choosing an oven and range for your kitchen you should think about: placement and if you want to be bending to retrieve hot foods out of the oven. Size of the kitchen are including how many oven you want and burners. The style of the cooking area will also varying from oven top cooking area, built in wall units stainless steel or large gourmet type units. Since the oven and stove will be the main appliance you will be using you want to ensure that it is fully functional to meet your desires and needs.

Vent Hoods-

Often overlooked, a proper vent hood can greatly ensure that your kitchen and home remains ventilated. Vent hoods not only keep the air circulation in your kitchen and can remove the overpowering smell of foods from your home but they also greatly reduce grease build up in the kitchen. Vent hoods can range from large focal pieces to concealed in cabinetry above the stove. Whichever you choose you want to have a professional properly install them.


Dishwashers are a great addition to have in your kitchen and can help you save time and space. Though many top of the line dishwashers can cost you close to $1,000 there are a number of dishwashers that you can get for a few hundreds dollars. Choose a dishwashers that is an energy saver that will not only cut water use down but also requires less energy to operate. Think about the different options you want to be able to use with your dishwasher and only get one that has the function you need, more options on dishwasher greatly boosts up the cost of them.

There are a number of option that you can use in your kitchen that will greatly reduce the energy used in your kitchen. Anytime you are looking to replace, update or upgrade an appliance or fixture in your home you want to ensure that it will cut energy cost instead of add to them.