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Creative And Inexpensive Bathroom Ideas

21.12.2015 usaexpo Bathroom

Renovating a bathroom can be a pricey story and that may throw you off your game a bit. Having a smaller budget shouldn’t limit you during the renovation process because there are a lot of creative ways to spice up your bathroom without spending thousands of dollars. Here are a few ways you can make pretty with less:

Shutters aren’t only for outside:

People are starting to become more and more creative with their old things, and they’re turning it totally upside-down. Instead of putting your shutters outside the windows, why not put them inside instead? Louvered-on-top shutters are great to use here, because you can still adjust the amount of sunlight coming into the room. Paint it a colour to match the scheme in your bathroom and you have a beautiful new wall decoration as well as a window cover-up. You can buy shutters on Etsy for $25, or if you have a pair sitting around, sand it down and give it a brilliant new coat.

Canopy, could-apy:

This is especially nice if you have a single colour scheme going on in your bathroom, or if you have a smaller space to work with. Cover the ceiling with beadboard and bring it down to the sides to give it a canopy effect. Put a different colour coat of paint on it and there you have a gorgeous new bathroom look, making it seem loftier. You can buy a standard size PVC beadboard panel for about $15 at most hardware shops.

Decorative Decals:

If you’re not a fan of hammering a nail into your walls, or if you don’t want to deal with the yellow stained mess of stick-on hooks, then wall decals are design especially for you. These stick-on decorations are great and easy to remove if you get tired of them. You can stick it onto tiles or painted walls to make your bathroom look super spunky. A good idea would be to decide on a theme for your bathroom and buy decals according to that. Wall decals usually come in packs or strips, and are $20 on average.

To the windows, to the walls:

If you have a small bathroom space and struggle with storage, it is advisable to install shelves against the walls. A creative and space-saving idea is to carve out an extra section from your windowsill and lengthen it. This way you are creating an additional shelf space for all your miscellaneous items. Be sure to use a material that won’t weaken when exposed to water, for example porous PVC. You can buy a 12-foot panel for around $30.

Double Take:

Mirrors are great in adding depth and dimension to a room. You can put more than one mirror in your bathroom or even layer it up. For example, take a square mirror and mount a circular mirror over it. This is great if you have any spare mirrors at home, or mirrors you want to get rid of.