Bathroom Remodeling Trends

28.12.2015 usaexpo Bathroom

Everyone is all about trends these days, who is wearing the latest fashion accessory, who’s dating who and what is the in color this winter. However, one particular trend is catching the eye of thousands of citizens in The United States and Canada and that’s bathroom remodeling. It’s not just the remodeling alone that has caught the eye of so many, but primarily updating the master bathroom fixtures and figuring out how to use the most of the space they have in the bathroom. There are a few tips to follow to learn how to remodel your bathroom based on all the trends going on right now.

How can I remodel my bathroom?

  1. No more bathtubs: Bathtubs as we know can take up a lot of space, and in recent poll results were seeing most people are opting to ditch the bathtubs in favor of other features.
  2. Frameless Glass: According to most reports its indicating that homeowners are preferring a shower that’s enclosed by glass and more so one that has no frame on it.
  3. Lots of lights: More and more home owners are looking to make their bathroom a little bit brighter by adding more lights. Some are choosing to add things such as a skylight, or extra lights in the bathroom in different areas.
  4. Shower heads galore: While those under forty-five are showing a specific preference to having multiple shower heads on their bathroom shower, those who’re sixty-five and older are opting for shower heads that are on a hose or on a slider bar which makes for ease of use.
  5. White, White, and more White: Preferences for cabinets are showing to be white with a few others close behind in second and third place.
  6. A taste of Silver: Silver faucets are being highly favored right now for bathroom faucet fixtures as the new in thing, while brushed nickel came in second place close behind.
  7. A Change in the powder room scene: People are starting to dazzle up the powder room by adding a unique look to it such as wall paper and fixtures that house the faucet and cabinets that appear to look like furniture.

All of these and more are some of the trends we’ve begun to see this season. While in the past little attention was focused on the master bathroom as it was other rooms like the kitchen for example. Somehow it only seems to make sense that the shift has moved to the bathroom especially for those who may have one in their master bedroom. If you’re going to spend a lot of time in there or hoping to impress company, it makes sense to perform various upgrades as well as giving it a unique sense of fashion and flair. People want their bathrooms to stand out and become more space savvy as well as being able to make better use after it. In general, we spend a lot of time in there and why not make it interesting?