Common Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid.

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Redesigning or adding elements to a house can be a cumbersome task for a home maker. In order to remould your bathroom interiors into something flashy and attractive, you need to invest more patience and decision making power. Other than the rest of the elements of a house, a bathroom is also important and needs utmost care and precision.

When remodelling your bathroom designs from something old to something classy, you should make sure that it does not demand much of your money and time. Some mistakes that you make while designing your bathroom can be fixed, but there are some that cannot be amended. You need to make sure that your bathroom is also a place that most of your guests would use and take a look at. So it should be equally alluring for at least a decade or so.

While redesigning your bathroom, there are a few mistakes that you need to avoid.

  • The first and the foremost thing that you need to make sure does not turn into a big mistake are your bathroom walls. The most terrible thing about a bathroom is leaking walls or fungus laden walls. Many a times, seepage problems can take place which further lead to fungus filled walls. In order to avoid this, you should ask your architect to use a waterproof adhesive for bathroom tiles. Architects design fitted walls thinking that water cannot percolate through it. But, this is the biggest bathroom designing mistake, because water and condensation can pass through the minutest amount of space.
  • The second most commonly made mistake while designing bathrooms is the placement of doors. People seldom design their bathroom seats close to the door, and this poses a problem for them. You should make sure that the placement of sink and toilet seat should either be a far corner or a centre. When talking about allowing space for a door, you should make sure that your bathroom door should be able to have a full swing. People install bathroom seats and sinks close to the door, which leads to constant hit and friction, in case you have a small bathroom, you can use a door that opens outwards.
  • People seldom use in trend colours that are bright and patterned for their bathrooms. But, these dark colours and patterns go out of fashion very soon. So you should use constant colours for your bathroom. This would also be less money consuming.
  • People many a times do not pay heed to the cleanliness of their bathroom. So in order to avoid a messy look into your bathroom you can install and shower tray or a corner in your bathroom. This tray or corner can hold all your vanity items, such as shampoo and other things. Thus your bathroom would look cleaner.
  • People do not take bathroom interiors very seriously. And there are incidents where they make their bathrooms congested and claustrophobic. So, you should install windows in your bathroom so that there is room for sunlight and air.

These bathroom mistakes should be avoided, so that your bathroom experience is hassle free.