Cost Effective Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

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18.01.2016 usaexpo Bathroom news

When the time comes to remodel your bathroom one of the first things you may have done is look into how much it costs and think that you have to put it off until finances pick up, but that is not necessarily the case. With cost effective bathroom remodeling ideas, you could have the bathroom you have always wanted without having to take out hefty loans or go without. Depending on how much of the bathroom you want to make changes to you could save yourself thousands and even make thousands if/when you choose to sell in the future.

Reduce tiling

Instead of worrying about tiling the whole bathroom, especially if you need someone to come in and do it for you reduce the area you need to cover. Modern ways of doing this are to create a strip of pattern rather than a whole wall. The rest of the wall can be painted instead and it could work out as more of a feature. If you have found a tile that is expensive and you don’t want to compromise on a cheaper kind then why not incorporate it and use it around the edges of a cheaper tile instead for an effect that no one else will have?

Find budget counter tops

When looking for counter tops people look for perfection, forgetting that a lot of the area will be taken up by their sink. Looking for imperfections could get you a discount especially if you are looking to use a granite slab or similar.

You could make something new out of something old by using an old dresser as a pedestal for your sink. All you will have to do is take out any drawers that will get in the way internally, make holes for plumbing and decorate it to your color scheme. If you look in retail stores or online you will see how much similar styles are being sold for and realize how much you could save by making one yourself from an old piece of furniture.

Little things make a difference!

Even if you are looking for a totally overhaul, you could be surprised at how much of a difference changing just the fixtures can make. With an array of different paints and grouting colors on the market, you could totally update your bathroom without having to spend a fortune. Changing the taps, light fixtures and even draw pulls could make it all look totally new.

Reline the tub

If your bath tub or shower tray is looking worse for wear, you can have it relined instead of replacing the whole thing which is a lot cheaper!

Second hand rather than vintage replica

Replicas of old style fixtures and fittings can be expensive, where as you could have the real thing and do it up. Lots of people throw out old items and put them up for sale for a lot less than they are worth on websites and even restoration shops. Second hand doesn’t have to mean substandard. Just look around for a bargain.