15.01.2016 usaexpo Bathroom

Small bathrooms have become the need of the hour. Due to space constraints it has been mandated to construct the bathrooms which are small in size. We believe that necessities give birth to inventions. Therefore if the small bathrooms are the only choice then why not make it look spacious with some innovative techniques. Take sneak peeks into some of the methods that will make your bathroom look spacious as well as keep it hygienic.

  1. Single handed fixtures: Look for branded fixtures and faucets which can perform dual functions with a single handle. For instance instead of installing two taps for hot and cold water, choose the single faucet which serves the dual function. This will save you from drilling two separate holes for two different taps and thus cover less space on your wall.
  2. Say no to shower door: Shower door itself consumes a lot of space. Even if you choose a sliding door then also it occupies the space equivalent to the whole wall. Instead of door you can put on a beautiful curtain matching the interiors of your bathroom or can cover it partially with a glass covering. This way it will look spacious enough to have a comfortable bath.
  3. Install stretched Mirrors: Mirrors are equipped with reflection mechanism which gives a broad look to the space. It also makes it convenient for two persons to use it at one point of time. Thus expanding the mirror to the length of the wall can certainly help.
  4. Towel bars: Don’t install a towel bar at a separate space. Make them stand over the place where the floor space is already occupied. You can also install them on the partial outer glass coverings of your shower. It will be convenient as well as keep the towels handy.
  5. Avoid dark interiors: A bathroom should be designed and painted with light colors. This is because dark colors may give shelter to mildew and molds which are not so visible due to darker lightening. Also it will force you to install more lights into your bathroom which will give it a very tight and concise look.
  6. Mounted vanities: Vanities which are mounted a little above the floor can be used to keep some things beneath it. Even if it is left open that space should be cleaned regularly to avoid the dust to enter into your clean bathroom.
  7. Quickly drying mats: The foot mats outside your bathroom should be made up of a material which gets dry easily so that you can wash them whenever required. So next time you go to shop foot mats do check that the one you choose is washable.

So you can give a clean and spacious look to your baths. This shows that space should never be blamed for any flaw in the bathroom. With your research and ideas you can give a complete yet stylish look to even you small bathroom residing in your home.