Kitchen Layout Design Tips

9.01.2016 usaexpo Kitchen

Getting to design the layout of your kitchen can be a fun but sometimes overwhelming task that at some points might leave you wishing you had given the job over to a professional. But with these next tips, you can once again gain control and feel like a pro, navigating through the design layout of your new kitchen.


Since the kitchen is probably the most trafficked area in your home, it is important to design it with that element in mind. A kitchen therefore needs to be beautiful, open, inviting as well as functional and durable. Having ample storage and convenient water and cooking sources are a must when looking to get the most out of your kitchen space.


Therefore, in your design layout, you should consider the following elements:


  • How do you intend to use the space?
  • How often do you cook?
  • Who does the cooking?
  • How often do you host parties or entertain large groups of guests?


The answers to each of these questions will vary by homeowner but they are key in determining how you personally choose to design the layout of your kitchen. By determining how you will use the space will help you put down the design of your kitchen. For those who plan to just cook, less counter space might be okay. But for other who like to have counter space, this answer might be different. Or, for people who do like to cook more, having enough storage is a must where as someone who is not as fond of cooking probably could do with less storage utilities. For the folks that like to entertain, having an island or other form of extra counter space is an absolute must, there must be some place to allow guests to fill up plates or pour them selves a glass of wine.


The sink, stove and refrigerator. Commonly referred to as the “kitchen triangle”, these are the three most important areas of your kitchen and rightfully, they should receive the most attention when you are designing your kitchen layout. It is paramount then that these necessary appliances are grouped together in meaningful ways that stress convince as well as efficiency. Having the sink far away from the stove means farther trips to and from to bring dirty dishes or to simply ash your hands. Avoid this common mistake by placing these in close proximity to one another, the kitchen space is transformed into a work space that is dynamic.


All in all, designing your own kitchen layout might be the only way to truly get your kitchen to look exactly as how you want it to look. But in some cases, a normal homeowner just does not have the experience and knowledge necessary to make the kitchen design decisions that will grant them ease of access as well as a beautiful finished product. In this case, it might be the time to call on a local kitchen design professional who can sit down with you and talk about your kitchen design needs. They might be able to offer helpful suggestions or draw you up a primitive design layout that, together, you can tweak to your personal liking.