Should you Care about Grout for your Bathroom Design?

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Remodeling a bathroom can be a fun project to take on. The process may or can include things such as choosing new tiling, fixtures, and so forth. Through all the planning the one thing you probably over looked or didn’t think to even consider discussing is the options of grout. Grout isn’t just one of those things that come in one standard types as there are different types and they all work differently. For those of you who may not be familiar with grout or the differences, were hoping to use this article and educate you on what type you might want to consider and why you should care.

  • What is it?
  • Grout is a special substance that seals tiles down and keeps them protected from water damage. It aids in finishing a project like laying tiles as well as adding decoration. It helps things like tiles to stand up against the usual wear and tear.
  • What types of grout are there?
    – unsanded grout
  • Sanded
  • Epoxy
  • Urethane
  • Glass bead.
  • Why should I care about grout?

Grout is going to be what makes a lot of your bathroom project possible and choosing the right grout is going to determine what your bathroom looks like when it finishes it. Without grout laying tiles down wouldn’t be possible, nor would they maintain their strength and durability. More so, it would also make sealing bathtubs, sinks and other features in the bathroom that we commonly use impossible. As there are so many different types of grout and they all serve different purpose as well as are meant to do different things, it’s important that you pick the right one for your project.

Think about this for a moment, you decide to remodel your bathroom and wake up in the middle of the night, half asleep and stumble in to the bathroom and upon entering cut your foot on that pretty new tiling that you just had placed only the day before. This could have been avoided had grout been laid down to create an even and smooth surface that would have filled the gaps and given you a smooth surface to walk upon. Now let’s assume that even if you didn’t cut your foot, but you decided to take a shower. Now a few weeks to maybe a month down the road you notice that the very same tile you just paid for is chipping, growing mold, and other unsightly issues. Had you chosen to not only use grout, but the correct one your tiles would have lasted and not broke down as easily.

Grout is enabling your bathroom to keep its beautiful finish and protecting it against the elements of people getting in and out of the shower and tracking water in an unprotected area. Grout is a key element in completing and protecting any bathroom that you want to withstand normal use and wear and tear for years.