Six Design Ideas to Make the Most of Your Small Bathroom

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You don’t have to give up on your dreams of rejuvenating yourself in a luxurious bathroom if yours is much smaller than the one in your dreams! With the price of real estate what it is, often the first room to have its corners cut is the bathroom. On the other hand, after a hard day at work, what could be more relaxing than a soak in a tub or a shower in a pleasant bathroom? So here are six design ideas to make the most of your small bathroom so that you come out smiling every time!

  1. Trim away the visual heaviness from the room:

Any room would look cramped and dingy if it is crammed with unnecessary elements. Conversely, remove some of these elements and you get the same room looking brighter and larger! Some of these visual elements could be the furniture to the color on the walls and cabinets. Going for lighter shades of paint on the walls as well as the color of the shelves and cabinets will make your bathroom instantly more appealing. Even the tiles in a lighter shade with maybe a contrasting tile in a darker shade will look great. A low-cost design idea like shower curtains and mats in lighter shades will also go a long way to brightening up your bathroom.

  1. Mirrors:

This is a very popular design idea to make any room appear instantly larger. Of course, a mirror is a given in a bathroom, so why not make yours larger? Adding a window directly opposite to a window in the bathroom will take this visual hallucination up a notch.

  1. Shelving:

Removing shelves or cabinets on the wall and having them below the sink can also make the room appear larger. If you have empty space under your sink, you can also buy baskets to get things better organized and save space too. If possible, have recessed shelves in the wall itself in order to store more of your stuff without having the shelves jut out of the wall itself. If you cannot remove the existing shelves or cabinets, try to combine open shelving with some closed doors, which will give an illusion of spaciousness.

  1. White, white, white:

White is always a color that opens up a space and instantly brings in a bright flush of life into it. White cabinets, white tiles, white countertops, white tiles, white shower curtains or a transparent shower glass door, will no doubt bring an illusion of expansiveness into the most cramped up bathroom. This also instantly amplifies any natural light that streams into the bathroom through any windows.

  1. Lighting:

A simple element like lighting can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your bathroom. Invest in light fixtures that are less heavy on the eye as well as brighter lighting. Wall sconces or recessed lighting with adjustable brightness can also be considered.

  1. Wall mounted sinks and faucets:

When every inch of space is a luxury, why buy sinks that take up all the space? Having a wall mounted sink could free up lots of space even underneath for your storage needs.