Top 5 Trends in Bathroom Remodeling

15.01.2016 usaexpo Bathroom

Bathroom renovations or remodeling always seems to lead in one way or another every year. What was in and hot last years are no longer the standard this year and perhaps isn’t the following year, either. While trend and style do come and go, money is spent every year and as homeowners it it really pays to keep these styles. You can utilize them to assist build a bigger return on your investment of home through updating and restoring your bathroom. This is how you could keep your bathroom looking exceptional, while also keeping up the value of your home. The top 5 trend in bathroom remodeling have been projected to be small project which are more needed in nature instead of working on huge scale renovations.

Ensure It Is a Bathroom

The first style bathroom designers are seeing is that homeowners need their lavatory to look, less like a toilet. They search for styles which reflect the designs of their home, and are opting for factors which are not usually seen in this area.  Like for instance, homeowners add end tables and chairs as well as foot stools to make a relaxing setting.


A lot of people choose tile flooring in the bathroom, because of the fact that it is a water friendly choice. But, a current style had moved away from typical tile flooring and transferred into cement tiles. Cement tiles are patterned and could look virtually like a rug it depends on the pattern you want. They are water-friendly and handmade, providing the space an exceptional, special as well as unique feeling.

Vintage Style

A lot of people often decide on a vintage style for their kitchen. But this kitchen style is now occurring in the bathroom. With subway tiles, claw foot bathtubs as well as wooden flooring, the vintage flooring are becoming common all over the world. You could combine a classic sink cabinet with gold hardware for your cabinets.

Shower Walls with no frames

There are lots of various kinds of shower doors available. But, a lot of people are deciding on frameless shower doors and walls. These exceptionally made walls let you have an open feeling in the toilet with no metal framework of typical shower doors.

Wood and White

Another current design is the style combination of the natural appearance of wood and color white. A lot of people are deciding on simple styles utilizing these 2 elements. A white wall, sink or shower when paired with wooden shelving, flooring as well as backsplash at the rear the sinks produces a natural feeling area which could be relaxing for a lot, particularly those who love cleanliness and outdoors.

These top 5 trends in bathroom remodeling could be in for a very long time. A lot of designers usually do not suggest opting for a fashionable style theme or element because trends tend to fade or wear off fast that puts your toilet old fashioned rather than later. But these latest trends have the capability to last for a very long time because they are sleek, simple as well as ideal for any style.