Three Kitchen Remodeling Trends That Will Make Your Home Fabulous

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The kitchen is the heart of every home. It is usually the place where everyone gathers to share their special moments of the day or cook up their favorite meal or special treat. These times are not just about food, but also the bonding that can occur over something that is so basic to our survival. If you want to give a fresh lease of life to your home, what better place to start than the kitchen? You don’t have to empty your bank account or tear down your kitchen in order to make it fresh and new! Here are three kitchen remodeling trends that will make your home fabulous!

  1. White is the new black!

Yes, having white as the predominant color palette for your kitchen is the latest trend that can be seen in all the decor magazines and websites across the world. Combine this with minimalistic and open kitchen cabinets and you will have a kitchen that is like a breath of fresh air into your home. Having open cabinets and white on the walls, cabinets and countertops opens up your kitchen space unlike any other color. It feels brighter and sunnier instantly. This does not mean it has to be pristine white. Shades of off white also offset the appliances and furniture in your kitchen very well. White floor-to-ceiling cabinetry in a white kitchen further opens up the space, reducing storage from other areas and giving more space to store the essentials.

  1. Warm metallic colors

Gone are the days when stainless steel ruled the kitchen! Now is the time of warm metallic shades for your hardware. Having these in individual colors or combining them is up to you. Brass, chrome, and copper as well as shades of graphite or iron impart a very beautiful tone to your kitchen. Bronze is also a trend that is picking up very fast, with the oil-rubbed tone being seen in the trendiest kitchens across the world. These could be for the faucets, the hoods, knobs, towel rings, handles, and even light fixtures. They highlight the whites of the cabinets or the marble countertops beautifully. They also give a warm burnished glow under any kind of lighting.

  1. Natural, raw materials

Wood, brick, concrete, exposed beans and wood planks-expect to see all these in kitchens this year. For renovations, there are stunning veneers that evoke the sense of the real deal. You can also recycle wood from other projects or buy reclaimed wood. Use it to make the open cabinets. Wood in different colors, stains, and grains give a warm and lived-in look to your kitchen. Mixing wood of different colors also gives a multidimensional appeal to your kitchen. These could be in shades of honey to darker tones. Maple and oak remain hot favorites. For a spectacular combination with the other hot trend of the season, warm metallic shades, cherry wood is the color to go for.

With these kitchen remodeling trends, you can also be sure of a timeless appeal that can withstand the onslaught of any new trends to come!

Choosing the Right Kitchen Countertops

15.01.2016 usaexpo Kitchen

If you want to have a great time working in the kitchen, then everything around must be just as you want –lots of light, air, working space and yes, a good countertop ! There are so many to choose from and with so many options one is left a little bewildered as to what the right one is. It will make it easier when you know what’s actually available.

There’s no doubt that stone in its most popular forms such as granite and marble are hot favorites. Not only are they durable and long lasting but they are classic materials that will always remain in vogue. They are a little expensive but well worth it. Granite, especially, comes in various shades and with a little bit of maintenance looks good as new every day. Its luster, sheen and elegance makes it incomparable.  If you can afford it, go in for granite.

Marble, limestone and soapstone can also be used and white marble looks really good. It will adorn any countertop but these three are a little softer than granite. While marble is beautiful to look at, waterproof and heatproof, it’s not immune to stains. It’s expensive and generally not used over the entire countertop. Soapstone is smooth, darkish gray in color but can crack over time.

If you’re looking for something that’s really affordable and easy to maintain, ceramic tiles is your best bet. It’s a great choice for those who like texture, color and design when they work. The only problem however is that they may chip or crack rather easily.

For those who like light countertops, wood is a good, warm choice and comes in a lot of finishes, but although it’s easy to clean and maintain, water can damage it and over time stains get accumulated. It also warps easily and is extremely susceptible to moisture, heat and other elements.

Laminate is affordable and is available in an array of designs and colors. Although it is very attractive to look at, it scratches easily and doesn’t tolerate heat. If you’re one of those that keep redecorating your kitchen often, laminates may be a welcome change as they can mimic stone, metal or even wood.

You want to add a modern touch? Go in for Stainless steel countertops as they can complement so many appliances and items found in the kitchen. It’s nice and shiny to look at, easy to clean but if it does get dented, then it’s hard to repair.

Eco-friendly? Choose a bamboo or a recycled glass countertop. While glass is durable and easy to clean, it can chip and break on impact. Bamboo is rather versatile and unique, offers good functionality, but remember it’s very much like wood and needs to be protected from water.

So what’s your choice? Hope this has made it a little easier for you. Get a great countertop and enjoy working in the kitchen.


Accessorize your kitchen with a stylish backsplash

15.01.2016 usaexpo Kitchen

There are many ways in which a person can create the perfect kitchen. There are people who opt for only two colors in order to create a stylish effect, there are people who want to achieve a vintage style, and there are others who only care about their personal tastes. If you are going through a process of kitchen remodeling you probably have many ideas regarding the way you want to make your kitchen. However, you should keep in mind that regardless of the kitchen countertops you are going to choose and regardless of where you will place the cabinet, the most important detail is represented by the backsplash. There are many people who ignore this detail, saying that there are more important things related to a kitchen. However, if you are willing to read the following lines you will find out more information about the importance of the backsplash.

  • Choose white for the illusion of space

Small kitchens may be really cute, but if there isn’t enough space, people will feel trapped. This is the reason why you have to pay special attention to the way you are going to redecorate if your kitchen is actually small. Luckily, even if your kitchen is small, you can easily create the illusion of space if you add as much white as possible. One reminder would be not to make all your kitchen white. You can easily focus on the backsplashes.

  • Chalkboard backsplash

If you want to be innovative and to have a unique kitchen, you can definitely opt for chalkboard backsplash. In this way you can add your 100% personal style. It’s time to reveal your creativity and let other people admire your work.

  • Illusion of stones

Go back to the origins with the help of a backsplash that replicates stones. In this way you can create anything you wish, from a rustic style to a ultra-modern style.

  • Go for shapes

Regardless of the color you are going to choose, you should keep in mind that a simple backsplash might be a little boring. However, if you decide to choose something that contains different shapes (geometrical figures, hearts, stars, or anything else) you will be able to reveal a small piece of your personality.

  • Match it with the kitchen countertops

One way in which you can have the assurance that you have the perfect kitchen is to decide to match the backsplash with your kitchen countertops. In this way they will look great, allowing you to have a great kitchen.

  • Use contrasts

If you want to create a unique effect that will stand out from the first time someone enters the kitchen, you should use the backsplashes in order to create powerful contrasts. In this way you will be able to create something unique and stylish.

If you want to have a stylish kitchen, you can also think about illuminating the backsplash. It will confer your kitchen an elegant look.



Mix and match the perfect kitchen

15.01.2016 usaexpo Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling can be a challenging job, especially if you want to have the perfect kitchen that is able to stand out from anything you have seen before. Unlike bathroom remodeling, which is an easy task, kitchen remodeling requires time and dedication. It might appear to be a simple job, but it needs a lot of creativity. Perfection lies in details, and you should pay attention to all the details that can be mixed throughout your kitchen.

If you are interested about this subject you can read the following lines. In this way you will be able to learn more about kitchen remodeling, about how to bring together different details, and about how to impose your personal style, which will make it unique from all points of view.

  • Stainless steel and wood

Mix and match is all about combining different materials that can stand out, and which look great together. This means that you can also combine different styles in order to create something unique. There is no need to settle for a modern or for a traditional kitchen, at least not if you know how to combine them in order to reflect your own personality. For instance, you can have a wood floor that is combined with a stainless steel cabinet.

  • Play with colors

Nowadays most of the people like to have their kitchen in two colors. However, if you want to stand out and to create your own style, you can definitely choose many more colors that can go well together. Think about yellow kitchen countertops, blue floor, white refrigerator, and green plants that are sitting on the cabinet. It’s time to think about all the colors you like.

  • Divide in areas

One interesting thing about this process of mix and match is the fact that you can dive the area from your kitchen in different parts. In this way you can have a corner especially created for cooking, a corner for eating, and a corner for relaxing. You can even find a place for a TV. It’s all up to you.

  • Familiar corner

Regardless of the way you want to redecorate your kitchen, you should make sure that you create a familiar corner that says something about your personality. There are many people who create impersonalized kitchens because they want to replicate a kitchen from a fashion magazine, and thus, they forget to bring their own personal tastes. You should not make this mistake. Let people know that you’ve let your mark there.

  • DIY

This might sound strange, but if you want to have a unique kitchen, you do not have to buy the most expensive items from the market. All you need to do is to create things that you love. After all, you should keep in mind that DIY has an increasing popularity, being the latest trick of fashion in many homes. If you don’t know how to handle DIY projects, you have the possibility to watch tutorials.



Planning ahead for a kitchen or a bathroom remodeling project

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Remodeling your house is a very complex process that does not require just a lot of time and money, but also a lot of patience. Once you start this process, you will be overwhelmed by everything. Regardless if you are starting with the kitchen remodeling or with the bathroom remodeling, you will need to start planning ahead in time. In this way you will know all the necessary steps that have to be taken, and thus, you won’t panic when something is not going right. If you are interested about this subject you should read the following lines. In this way you will know for sure how to plan everything. You should keep in mind that the following information is valid for both kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling.

  • Find professional contractors

One of the most important steps is to find some professional contractors who can help you with anything you need. This means that you will have to start looking for them right from the beginning. You should keep in mind that it is not easy to find professional contractors who are the best at their job, and thus, you should take time and dedication for this step. You can ask your friends, you can search for online reviews, or you can visit their webpages. Regardless of how you find them, you should have a face to face meeting with them before taking any decision. In this way you will be able to see how dedicated they truly are.

  • Make a list with everything you need

The following step is to make a list with everything you need. You should also ask the advice of the professional contractors. After all, they have a lot of experience with all this. However, there are some decisions that are taken by you, such as the model of the kitchen counterparts or the color of the cabinet. Once you have the list, you can start the following step.

  • Calculate the costs

Once you have a list with everything you need, you can start the painful process of calculating the costs. In this way you will be able to know the exact budget you are going to need in order to remodel everything. This cost varies from case to case, and thus, it’s not useful for you to ask your friends about their costs.

  • Think about a style

Another thing you should think about is to choose a style that fits with the rest of your house. In this way you’ll know what to buy.

  • Ask friends for help

It’s also very important to know that you have the help of your friends. This is the reason why you should ask them in time about their help.

  • Choose what to keep and what to give away

Once you have everything figured out, the next step is to make a list with everything you want to keep and with everything you want to give away.


Tips for your kitchen remodeling

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If you are going through a process of kitchen remodeling, you will need all the help you can get. This is the reason why you should think about consulting many sources before making a final decision. You should keep in mind that a kitchen is the soul of a house. Usually people accord too much attention to the rooms and to bathroom remodeling, forgetting about the kitchen. This is the reason why one can easily make a difference between the house of a stylish person and the house of someone who only cares about the appearances. If you are interested about this subject and if you want to learn more about kitchen remodeling, you should definitely read the following lines. In this way you will have the possibility to create a unique kitchen that fits your style, and which will charm everyone else who is visiting the house.

  • Use contrast for large kitchen

A large and spacious kitchen is the dream of any person. If you are lucky enough to have a large kitchen, you should create something unique that offers it your personal touch. This is the reason why you should use contrast. One way would be to opt for black cabinets and white backsplashes. The final choice is entirely up to you.

  • White is the perfect color for small kitchens

There are many people who have small kitchens. If you are one of these people you already know that you have to keep only what is necessary in order to avoid a messy kitchen. However, if you want to create the illusion of a bigger kitchen, you can also choose white as the predominant color.

  • Match the kitchen countertops with the backsplash

One way in which you can have the assurance of a stylish kitchen is to match the kitchen countertops with the backsplash. It might cost you a little more, but the effect will be worth it.

  • Accessories on the cabinet

A kitchen is a space that should look as part of your home, and thus, you should make it as familiar as possible. In order to do so you can opt for different types of accessories that can be placed on the cabinet. You can choose between a family photo, an item brought home from a special trip, or a flower.

  • Personalize your kitchen

Even if nowadays most of the people decide to have impersonal kitchens that seem to be taken out from a fashion magazine, if you make this choice, it won’t feel like home.

  • Find a style

It is very important to find a style that fits your own personality. In order to do so you have the possibility to combine different styles. The choice is up to you.

  • DIY

If you want to make sure that you have a unique kitchen, you should opt for DIY. If you do not have talent, you can watch tutorials or you can hire someone who can do it for you.



What to know before remodeling a kitchen

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Kitchen remodeling might be a very complex process, and thus, it takes a lot of time and dedication. However, if you do a great job, at the end you will be able to give your kitchen a soul. However, before starting with this process, you should know that it is very different from any other remodeling process from the house, even from the bathroom remodeling process, which appears to be quite simple. It is important to keep this thing in mind because there are a few things you should know before starting this process. In this way you will be able to fix any problems that might appear, you will have the possibility to be more informed, and besides this, you will have the chance to create a perfect kitchen that will be admired by all your friends. However, you should keep in mind that a proper kitchen remodeling takes time.

  • Sort all the existing things

Once you have decided to remodel your kitchen, you should start making an inventory with everything you have right now. In this way you will be able to sort all the things, knowing what to keep and what to give away. There are people who do not want to keep anything, while others want to save more money by keeping as much as possible from the old kitchen. The choice is completely up to you. It depends on your budget and on the way you perceive those things.

  • Know what to keep

Once you have sorted everything out, you will have to start looking for everything you want to keep. If you want to give everything away, you should think twice about it. Sometimes it is good to have old things around in order to remind you of who you are. The things you will keep might have sentimental value, being part of your personality.

  • Know what to replace

Just as important as knowing what to keep is also to know what to replace. For instance, you can go and replace that old refrigerator. Additionally, you can also replace the kitchen countertops. However, if you want to keep a cabinet, you can easily find a DIY project in order to change it.

  • Know what to buy

Once you have finished with the previous steps you can start to make a list with everything you have to buy, starting with the kitchen countertops and ending with the chairs you want to use. Without this list you might risk to buy too many unnecessary items.

  • Know the style you want to achieve

It is also important to know the style you want to have, even if you do not know anything else. Once you have the style, you can start thinking about everything else.

  • Do not forget to personalize

It is very important to keep in mind that a strong touch of personal style will allow you to have a unique kitchen that is able to stand out.



10 Steps of an Orderly Kitchen

15.01.2016 usaexpo Kitchen

The kitchen is an area in a house that is always used. Do you find it difficult to prepare and cook foods in your kitchen? A kitchen must always be organized in order to master and to be fully used. Below are 10 examples on how create an orderly kitchen.

  1. Cabinets that are Empty

Collect all items in every cabinet. Get rid of the things that are not used frequently, items that are duplicated, items that are broken or things you forgot you have. Then separate the things you loved to use in preparing meals.

  1. Like Items are Group

After the cabinets have been cleared, create a distinct group in organizing the items that you have chosen.  Arrange all cooking items and organized them together.  Then group the tableware accordingly in their distinct function and its seasonal uses.

  1. Organizing the Cabinet

After forming a group for each item, organize the items on where to be stored. All items in cooking, baking and also utensils must always be close to where food preparations are. Glassware’s are advisable to be near at refrigerator or sink. In this way you can minimize your action in preparing meals.

  1. Storing Items in a Clear Container

The use of clear container is advisable to easily identify the stored items. Group the things which are in powder and condiments in order to avoid spill in the cabinet.

  1. Storing Items in a Containers with Lid

Throw away the container which have no lids, and accumulate the plastic containers which have lids. Then group the container in a clear plastic box to keep them organized and easily distinguish. You can also store the containers on the side of the cabinet on a wire frame.

  1. Creating and Using a Vertical Space

Underneath the cabinet, put a hook in order for the mugs to hold right above the kitchen countertop. Then hang the stemware frame in the same area for the wine glasses. By the used on this, the cabinet will not be packed. Use walls space or ceiling frame to hang the pans and pots. Always remember that any items you hang keep, create a free space inside the cabinet.

  1. The Lazy Susan Method

By the use of rotating tray, it can be used as to hold condiments like vinegar and oil. Lazy Susan’s method can be a great help to the refrigerator. You can easily identify the back of the refrigerator either it’s already spoil or not.

  1. The Use of Dividers in Kitchen Drawers.

With the use of drawer dividers you can save time and effort when cooking or throwing away junk. A divider installed in kitchen drawers allows you have areas for each items and to help you find easily the things you need.

  1. The Used of Sort Papers

Sort paper is a method used to organize takeout menus, coupon, pen and a notepad or any other sheet of papers that is hanging on the side of the refrigerator that tends to accumulate on the countertops.

  1. The Cleaning of Refrigerator

Always remember to put the trash bags close to the trash can. Put a loose bag underneath the trash can, in that way you can save time. And always clean your refrigerator once a week for trash inspection.



An Overview of Kitchen Design

15.01.2016 usaexpo Kitchen

Are you planning to make your kitchen different and unique with others? If yes, you have to know about the many choices of kitchen designs which might be ideal with your personality and taste. Below are just some of those styles that you need to consider in improving your kitchen.

The County Style

A country style kitchen is a contemporary testament to days past.  It is a style which allows you to show up family heirloom and ancient looks you want while retaining contemporary function. This kind of design integrates wooden cabinets and usually granite countertops in darker shades in order that remarkable accent pieces like old kitchen utensils could stand out and displayed.  In this style, there are many rooms for copper shades as well as versatility with the lightings.

The Contemporary Mark

Once your preference leans towards the contemporary part of life, there’s also a stylized trend for you. Modern kitchen is made of straight edges and severe lines and play host to contemporary appliances as well as stainless steel accents. As many kitchen countertops will work in this theme, it is significant that they keep a sleek look. In this condition, marble may be the best option as it signifies smooth, classy surface which doesn’t interrupt the flow of neat appliances.

Open Floor

Once your kitchen hosts many little feet every day, open floor might be the best choice. As the name suggests, this kind of kitchen is intended to be flawlessly integrated with the rest of your home and very foot traffic friendly. Normally island free to stay area at the most, tough flooring as well as countertops is a must. In case you don’t like to fit in a kitchen island in this style, it will be valuable to invest in Mobile Island, which could be transferred from one place to another it depends on the number of people in your house.


Compartmentalized is another kitchen design which is made to feel divided from the rest of your living space. This will be a good floor plan for people who love formal hosting as well as utilize their kitchen most often as a culinary place. Integrating an island bar linked to the kitchen wall provides visitors the choice of sitting near, however, still letting the chef to perform his or her job independently.

The benefits of having this kind of style is that the accent and color option. As you are working in a tight area, you are free to be creative with colors as well as fun accessories. Due to the fact that there’ll be fewer people in your kitchen at once, you are free to show entertaining pieces as you would like without the pressure of being knocked over. The same way you might feel confident setting up sleek or thin marble countertops which need a bit more security compared to granite.

Whatever kind of style or design you choose, you will be accentuating with serenity knowing which your kitchen will be a testimonial to your own exceptional design.


The Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling

15.01.2016 usaexpo Kitchen

Have you walked into your kitchen just to be annoyed out of date look of your furnishing, walls, floors and appliances? If so, you must consider kitchen remodeling. Remodeling might seem like a hard task, however, it is not as difficult as you think it will be. You will also see that a kitchen renovation could bring you a lot of wonderful benefits. Below are just some of the advantages that you will get if you undergo kitchen remodeling.

Increase the Value of Your Home

One of the best advantages of kitchen remodeling is that it will improve the market value of your property and make it more striking to potential buyers. A lot of buyers do not like to buy a home which is old fashioned. After kitchen remodeling, the value of your home will increase and you will get the benefits if someone buys it. When you are planning to sell your property in the future, you must do the whole thing you can to obtain a remarkable deal.

Your Home Will Look Wonderful

Once you remodel your home, it will look wonderful and brand new again. This might restore you love for entertaining family and friends and cooking. Remodeling your kitchen will ensure that the place is a better space for you and your family. This will also give your kitchen a new and fresh look. Your kitchen might look dull, boring as well as old now, however you will love the look of the place after remodeling.

Add More Space

Updated kitchen are frequently cluttered and cramped, with a kitchen remodeling, you can add some cabinets, some extra shelving, under the counter storage and perhaps an overhead pot rack. Kitchen remodeling can add lots of space to your kitchen thus allowing you to move freely. A remodeling company could knock down some walls or assist you maximize your space in some ways. After remodeling is completed, you have lots of area to walk around, entertain your visitors as well as clean and cook your favorite meals.

You will also have more area for storage. As you can see, remodeling your kitchen could bring lots of remarkable and out of this world benefits. Prior to thinking about remodeling your kitchen, it really pays to make a proper research. You can visit home improvements shops, search kitchen remodeling idea online and browse in home improvement newspapers.

Also, another important factor that you have to consider when you are planning kitchen remodeling is to speak with people or friends who have remodeled their property and consult with professional kitchen remodeling company as well as interior designs. A kitchen remodeling company could answer all your questions, provide you a quote for the plans which require to be done as well as provide you valuable suggestion if you want.

Atlantic Remodeling Corporation can transform the look of your house to one you desired. They offer bath and kitchen remodeling projects at a fraction of cost. The company has been in the business for so many years and lots of clients are satisfied with their remodeling task.